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Chad Olsen Headshot

Chad Olsen

Head Coach, Program Director

Bachelor of Science, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USAW Sports Performance Coach, CrossFit - Lv1

I am a graduate of West Virginia University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, specializing in Strength and Conditioning and Athletic Coaching Education. While Studying at WVU I had one of the best opportunities possible to work in a Collegiate Style facility that accepted members of all age and skill levels, from pre-adolescent to the seasoned veteran, and from fundamentals to elite athletes. I was able to experience every aspect of fitness on all levels and I fell in love. When I finished school I found myself searching for a competitive atmosphere again and turned to the sports of Olympic Lifting and Crossfit for my answer!

For nearly 10 years I have devoted countless early mornings, long days, and late nights to furthering my education and my coaching ability to better serve those that love the sport of fitness as much as I do. There’s only one thing that can give me a rush like competing myself, and that’s watching one of my athletes give it their all just the same!

Thalia Mendoza Headshot

Thalia Mendoza

Assistant Coach

USAW Sports Performance Coach

"April 2015, shortly after high school, I chose to take up Crossfit. In doing so, it eventually came to my attention that I had a larger interest in the lifting portion of the sport. Soon after, I consulted with Chad in regards to my goals and before you knew it, my athletic focus was set on competitive Weightlifting. Since then, I've dedicated countless hours training as an athlete as well as earned my Level 1 Sports Performance Coaching Certification to further my knowledge on the sport and hopefully help other athletes on my journey.

I've competed a handful of times, on both some small stages and some big stages, and look forward to continued success on the platform both as an athlete and a coach. My goal is not only to progress as much as I can as an athlete but to also flourish with the SEDulous team, watch them advance and do my best to help them do so."

Ryne Olsen

Ryne Olsen

Master of Science

CEO of Peak Coaching For Success

I began my life journey growing up in Toms River, NJ. With the aspirations of being a collegiate baseball player, I, unfortunately, emphasized the role of an athlete before student. When it became time to select a university, I was accepted to and had the choice of very few. I continued this trend at West Virginia University until the department chair approached me with an ultimatum of increasing my GPA or departing for home. Following this conversation, I never looked back and 4 years later, received a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology.

I continued my academic endeavors to obtain a masters degree from Springfield College in Massachusetts, where I was the Athletic Academic Advisor for the Springfield College Women’s softball team and Men’s freshmen football team. I also took on the role of Assistant Head Coach of the Springfield College baseball team. While invested in these roles, I began an assistance ship at the High School of Commerce as the Athletic Academic Advisor for the high school student-athletes, as well as putting the time in as the Defensive Coordinator of their Men’s Football Team. I accepted all endeavors and ran with these opportunities, graduating with an M.S in counseling, specializing in student-athletes.

During my life, I’ve come to notice that opportunities present themselves frequently, but it’s about the desire for the acceptance of change, or the fear in doing so that makes the difference. One must have the ability to want to change and better themselves.

Are you merely feeling content or just satisfied? Are you hindering your capabilities, development, and growth that each and every one of us has inside ourselves? If you are thinking yes, we have had some things in common.

See, I was content and satisfied with my life by skipping class, partying instead of studying, and taking the basic classes just to get through. I hindered my growth, let others tell me the way to live my life and what I could and couldn’t do. Now, I continue to grow and learn every day. I’m not just satisfied or content, I am hungry for progress and the process that comes with it.

These changes that I can offer is my goal for not only you, but also for your team. I don’t want you to be content with 25 total yards a game, 1 total tackle, a 1.5 GPA, or settling for the only college that accepts you. I don’t want your team to be content with finishing last, not completing any tasks, or giving up on the team philosophy and goals.

I want you to be hungry for growth, to reach your PEAK potential, to go after your PEAK performance, and then make another goal to go after. Are you hungry to go after your dreams and seek more? Are you hungry to go after first place and compete for a State Title? Are you Hungry to receive that IVY league school acceptance or receive that Division 1 athletic scholarship?

I’ve allowed myself to seize every moment, despite any circumstances in front of me, and I encourage you to do the same. If you can’t on your own, I am here to help you by building the mental framework that is needed, so you can acquire all of your dreams and goals.

Training Programs


SEDBarbell is your full Olympic Weightlifting and Strength Building style program. Our Overall Goal here is to Improve Speed, Precision, Accuracy, and Efficiency with the Barbell. The SEDulous Barbell Team grows by the day and we encourage all newcomers to join our National and World stage qualifying competitors! Whether competing or not, this program will greatly increase your love and respect for the Barbell!


SEDPerformance is designed for the competitive Athlete looking to really shed time off their Metcons and those looking to really Increase Athletic Performance. These training days are built around High intensity workouts, while building a core base of strength. Whether your sites are set on the CrossFit Games or simply becoming a machine, this is the program for you!


Take Bootcamp, add Spin, pile on Rowing, and you have a high intensity, fat shredding, muscle building, engine burning machine. We call that SEDFitness! We’ve designed this program for those looking to shed some pounds, tone up, and increase their aerobic capacity. You will Sweat. You will Sweat A Lot!

Semi Private

SEDBody is for those athletes hitting the Beach! We wanted a plan to not only encompass being physically fit, but look damn good while doing it. Be prepared for a Pump! Our knowledge extends beyond the days of Bicep/Tricep subsets, and Bench Press 4x per week. We’ve made the bodybuilding style not only more interesting but also more functional. Try not to take to many selfies!


SEDPeronal is our 100% personalized programming option designed for athletes serious about tapping into every ounce of their potential. This is not only the choice for those fire breathers, the ones with some extra passion burning inside, but also for those with very specific needs, limitations, or time restrictions. If you are looking for the individualized touch from Coach Chad, this is the way to Go!

One - On - One

Direct One -on- One* Attention with your SEDPersonal Program included. Meet with Coach Chad himself *once, *twice, or *three times per week and take your training to new heights. Designed for anyone from both the very beginner to elite level athletes. *Rates based off 1 Session/Week (RATES LOWER with more sessions!!)