Under25 National Championships Recap

Under 25 National Championships Recap

Thalia has been hungry to test herself on a bigger stage for about a year, as an injury, unfortunately, derailed her shot back in September!

We returned to Vegas and U25 National Championships for the 2nd time with some big goals… and man did she nail nearly every single one!

We were confident enough to OPEN Thalia’s snatch at a 1kilo platform PR, 67kg. Officially putting an end to her mental/physical plateau at 65kg she struggled with for over a year. She’d put more weight on hitting a beautiful 70kg, making for a 4kg Platform PR Snatch on the day! Her only miss would come on her 3rd attempt with a very good shot at 72!

Clean and Jerks were very similar! We opened Thalia heavier than shes ever opened and she smashed it; making easy work of 86kg, then matching her platform best on her second attempt at 89kg. She would JUST miss her third attempt at 91kg, with a split decision 1/2 on an elbow crack. Looked pretty clean on video, but judges said No, so we’ll have to come back and hit it next time!

Overall, outside of being a flawless perfect, we couldn’t have asked for a better display of both mental and physical toughness, character, and heart. We hit a #PR Snatch, not once but twice. Matched our best C+J ever. Increased our best total by 6kg. And improved on last years Under25 National Championships total by 10kg! A true display of just keep grinding, keep showing up, the results will follow!

We’ll shut down Thalia for just a bit, as she enters what is her “Offseason”. We’ll get her moving in some different directions and patterns, making sure all her joints are strong and healthy, and her mind is in the right spot, as our focus is her overall wellness during this period!

Snatch 2/3 – 67✔PR/70✔PR/72❌PR
C+J 2/3 – 86✔/89✔/91❌PR
Total – 4/6 – 159kg (6Kg PR)
10kg improvement 2018 – 2019

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